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Crime Scene Cleaning

Crime scene cleaners play a very important role in society. It involves the complete and thorough cleaning of a crime scene so that when one looks at it – you wouldn’t know that a crime ever took place on the site. However, added to this is the responsibility of ensuring that the scene is meticulously sanitised so that zero traces of bacteria, pollutants or other health-affecting substances remain. X-treme Cleaning Solutions is able to deploy professional crime scene cleaning teams anywhere in South Africa. We understand that speed is key when it comes to the cleaning of crime-related materials, whether organic compounds or not, and we pride ourselves on leaving a crime scene spotless.

We are certified trauma cleanup professionals, qualified to handle post-crime sanitation and material removal. Crimes are difficult to process, and once the police tape has been removed and you’re left with the aftermath, all you want is to remove the evidence of what happened. X-treme Cleaning Solutions can do this, ensuring that some sense of normalcy returns quickly. Among other post-tragedy hygiene services, we offer:

Crime scene cleanups

Where a crime has been committed, there is often evidence of what took place across the scene. Once the law officials have taken what they need, crime scene cleanup crews move in and get to work. This includes the removal of any biological matter, bullet casings, shrapnel, etc.

Blood cleanups

Crimes involving stabbings and shootings almost always leave traces of blood. However, blood spills are not only related to crimes. Accidents can happen anywhere, and the last thing you want to do if there is a large amount of blood spillage involved is to clean it up yourself.

Industrial accident cleanup

Working with heavy machinery comes with risks and dangers. As mentioned above, accidents can happen anywhere – and are common in factories, warehouses and other industrial settings throughout South Africa. Should disaster strike, call us to clean up the scene.

Suicide cleanup

Losing a family member or employee to suicide is a tragedy that nobody should have to go through, but it happens more often that we’d like. Save yourself and other witnesses the psychological trauma of cleaning up a suicide scene by calling in professional suicide scene cleaners.

Unattended death cleanup

Just as traumatic as walking in on a suicide scene is discovering an unattended death. These are characterised by an individual expiring on their own, often in their home, and nobody knows about it until the body is found days, weeks or even months later. In these cases certified crime scene cleaners are highly recommended.

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